Ms. Sharon Underwood - 6th Language

6th Grade Language |

Ms. Underwood was born here in Alabama, but moved to Harriburg, Pennsylvania. After
returning back to Alabama, she attended schools in the Gadsden City School system. In addition,
she graduated in the top 15 of her graduating class at Gadsden City High School. Ms.
Underwood has always enjoyed school, researching and learning.
In 2000 Ms. Underwood graduated from Jacksonville State University and has served as teacher
for the Gadsden City Schools for 19 years. Her first year, she taught seventh grade Science and
eighth grade Reading at Cory Middle School. During her second year, she taught fifth grade at
W.E. Striplin Elementary School. Ms. Underwood has taught sixth grade Language Arts 17 years
at Emma Sansom Middle School and enjoys teaching.
Ms. Underwood continued her education at the University of Alabama with degrees in
Administration Educational Leadership. She stands behind the belief that every child has
different learning styles and is uniquely different. Mrs. Underwood says, “Children are a joy and
bring creativity with their own individual unique personalities.”